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Hearing The Dalai Lama

On Friday we had the great privilege of hearing the Dalai Lama at his Brisbane audience. Human beings whose goodness goes all the way through are a rarity, and when you see the real thing, the difference is striking. The event started comically, with the Dalai Lama sitting with the Mayor of Ipswich and an ABC interviewer, who had probably never had their hands held in public before!

I wanted to mention just a few incidents from his answers to audience questions, first an important practical one, then an insightful emotional one.

Welcome to Peace!

Welcome to the site devoted to a new way to create peace, create understanding, and bring humanity into harmony with itself and with nature.

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Elements of Peace

The elements of peace are the various ideas, concepts, facilities, tools, and so on that need to be in place to create genuine peace that will last over the centuries and millennia as our legacy to future generations.


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One of the hallmarks of the modern world is impatience. "Power grows from the barrel of a gun" said Mao. It remains to be seen if Mao's empire will last as long as Gautama Buddha's has; it certainly has not made people as happy, and it certainly has squandered far more lives.

The Love of Truth

It is a sad fact, I suspect, that we are in a very tiny minority, those of us who love truth and are prepared to seek it no matter how it disturbs our comfort zone.

The Trouble with Ideologies

It may be that some of the most important aspects of peace are quite invisible.

Obstacles to Peace

One of the driving visions behind this site is to confront our real problems. All too often it is assumed that if we would only all get along, and all put our differences behind us, etc. etc., we could have peace. That puts the cart before the horse. The first thing we need to do is be realistic about human capacity, the human condition, and the world we live in.

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