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Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

Charles the moderator over on Wattsupwiththat called the following from the stupidest article he'd ever seen. It's hard to disagree. For those who imagine that we have an issue with two sane sides in the global warming debate (or even worse, who think that the alarmists are the only sane side!), this article should show you, unless you too are so far gone there's no hope, just how much sheer mindless stupidity and lunacy surrounds the global warming scam / false religion / mass delusion. And all this despite the increased CO2 feeding an extra billion people and saving who knows how many wildlife and species.

Be alarmed. Be very alarmed. But not with the increase in vital CO2 plant food, rather with the demonstrable fact that our species can collectively go completely and utterly insane. Those of us who want a good future for our children and for all the other creatures on Earth have a lot of hard work to do to reverse the mass insanity. (I am putting the entire article here because it is evidence, and I don't trust these people to leave it in place when it gets rightly panned all across the internet.)

Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

Kill mechanisms list

Global Warming could make the human race EXTINCT. The #1 kill mechanism is famine. See "The Long Summer" by Brian Fagan and "Collapse" by Jared Diamond. Shifting winds and warmer oceans have already created a weird moving checkerboard of drought and flood that has interfered with agriculture here and elsewhere.

The extra heat has caused heat related deaths already.

The book "Six Degrees" by Mark Lynas says: "If the global warming is 6 degrees centigrade, we humans go extinct." The book lists several kill mechanisms, the most important being famine and methane fuel-air explosions. Other mechanisms include fire storms.

"Under a Green Sky" by Peter D. Ward, Ph.D., 2007 says H2S bubbling out of hot oceans is the final blow at 6 degrees C warming.

"Climate Code Red" by David Spratt and Philip Sutton says the following: Long term warming, counting feedbacks, is at least twice the short term warming. 560 ppm CO2 gets us 6 degrees C or 10.8 degrees F. We will hit 560 ppm before mid century.

Per "Climate Code Red", we need ZERO "Kyoto gas" emissions RIGHT NOW and we also need geo-engineering because we have already gone way beyond the safe CO2 level of 300 to 325 ppm. We are already at 455 ppm equivalent [including greenhouse gasses other than CO2] and we have tripped some very big tipping points. We aren't dead yet, but the planet needs critical intensive care if we humans are to have a chance of survival.

"Storms of My Grandchildren" by James Hansen, chief of NASA-GISS paints the bleakest picture: Earth goes Venus, becoming a completely dead hot rock at 800 degrees F and our Mars colonies cannot survive because Mars has been a dead planet for too long.

"The Vanishing Face of Gaia" by James Lovelock has identified a 9 degree lurch in the temperature that happens at 450 ppm equivalent. Others have said that methane hydrates released from the ocean floor can make a 9 degree lurch, but not so soon. Looks like we are not going to make it. We HUMANS could be EXTINCT by 2050 because politicians are not considering sufficiently strong action.

Posted by: edwardgreisch

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Re: Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

Global warming deniers are playing dice with the earth. They would have us careen around a blind curve on their faith that their is no oncoming traffic.

Res non verba,
Burnet D. Brown
Woodland Hills, CA

Re: Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

You might like to check  my earlier article about the precautionary principle. We take out insurance policies on our homes because the policy costs a lot less than the damage if something were to happen to the house. But the "insurance policy" here is a total crippling of the economies of all countries - living in the dark without heating, without transport, with costs of everything through the roof, all for a temperature "saving" of a few tenths of a degree in a hundred years. And unlike careening a car around a curve, in this case there is every likelihood that a warmer world is a more hospitable and productive world than we have now.  Every generation of humans until this one has welcomed warmth and feared cold!

Here's the bottom line: More CO2 makes plants grow faster and bigger- between 20 and 70% faster. That is a fact proved by thousands upon thousands of actual comparative experiments. That means that it is a simple actual proven demonstrable fact that human-produced CO2 has fed a billion people who would otherwise have starved to death or encroached on wildlife areas to get food. That's a fact. What is there on the other side of the ledger to make it worthwhile to try to reduce CO2 and thereby throw those people into starvation? Tell me, I want to know. There is no credible evidence that CO2 causes dangerous warming and heaps of evidence that it doesn't. The models' predicted hotspot in missing. Earth's radiation into space has now been measured and proves that feedback is negative, not positive as the global warming theory requires. The theory is wrong, known to be wrong, and trusting it will starve a billion people. How on earth does avoiding that disaster resemble recklessly careening a car around a curve? Please let me know, I just don't understand how people think who can say what you just said.

Sorry if these remarks sound harsh, but the damage from believing this scam is far too great to waste time being tactful.

Re: Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

You say the costs are "crippling" but you fail to quantify any costs at all. You don't even cite one soure. You fail to provide any cost/benefit analysis. Let me help you out. Take a look at My question to you is this: What if you're wrong? What accountability are you willing to place on the human credenza? What if your "bet the planet" guesses are so off the mark that we end up like Venus? What's your back up? What's your plan to protect the only planet? Do you have any? Do you have anything? Or are you just taking pot shots from the shadows? If you're wrong, are you willing to stand before the 2025 generation and accept responsibility? Are you convinced that the O-rings on the Challenger will work just fine under extreme cold temperatures? Are you refusing to pay for the fire insurance for your children because you're convinced the City of Chicago in 1871 is fireproof? Are you saying that you would refuse to take out accident insurance because you're sure the Titanic won't sink? Or will you duck all those responsibilities and retreat into the shadows when things don't turn out as you insist they will?

You aren't on the payroll of Koch Industries, are you??

Re: Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

First off, "life gives lemons", this is a blog, not a research journal. Do your own googling. has articles on just about every aspect of the problem you could care to look at. You'll find the record of research showing how every 'green' job eliminates 2.2 real jobs, how Spain has become Europe's basket case pursuing wind energy, how Denmark, with one of the most extensive wind turbine installations in the world, has never used any of it for its own purposes because it requires a coal plant to stand by due to unpredictability of the wind, and so it sells it all to Norway which is almost uniquely blessed with rapid-switching hydroelectric power thanks to the geography of the country. What do you want to research? It's all out there for any other than a lazy sod to discover for themselves.

Then you give us a URL to a typical alarmist site. I have pulled apart a good dozen alarmist 'papers' and in every case never found that they are substantiated. Not being employed, I don't have the time to waste doing it for yet another.

What if I am wrong? Human-produced CO2 is feeding a billion people. (You want a reference, go to, look up the plant growth figures under extra CO2, take the CO2 increase since industrialisation, calculate the extra food produced above the baseline. It isn't hard, do some work.) What it you are wrong? Heck, what if you are right?? What is there in the warmist scare scenario that is worth starving a billion people to death? If you took the trouble to look on this very site, you will find my answer to the 'precautionary principle' - in detail.

After that, your comments are contemptible. All of your hostile, irrelevant, and insulting questions can be very well - and with better justification - asked of you in return. And as for your final remark, make no mistake, I know perfectly well what game alarmists are playing. There is a psychological phenomenon called the "winds of hate". It is the reason why naval personnel usually come through a war better off than soldiers. Sailors shoot weapons from ship to ship, but soldiers have to look at the enemy in the eye and see the fear, the hate, the killing intentions - the wind of hate, in short, which can have devastating psychological consequences. That is the nasty little game being played - throw out accusations known full well to be untrue, simply for the hurt and damage done to the victims who the alarmists, truly, do hate. But other than to make me become more determined to expose the entire sick scam, this game has no effect on me. To other sincere folk who are the target of nastiness such as this, I add: I hope you understand that this is an orchestrated campaign of hate against those of us prepared to stand up for the truth. Don't allow it to succeed.

Re: Global Warming could make Humans EXTINCT within 50 years

Don't be ridiculous! Humans will not become extinct until the good Lord says so. He is the master not this Global warming phenominon