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Catalyst catastrophe

I was watching "Catalyst" today. (For non-Australian readers, Catalyst is a science show put on by "Your" ABC - the government owned anti-government propaganda outfit).

Story 1: A fantastic new way to concentrate the sun's rays hundreds of times to generate power.

Story 2: The wonderful environmental benefits from Australia's incredible birds.

Catalyst catastrophe: No mention that the "great" stuff reported in story 1 will torture to death millions of the wonderful birds described in story 2. A single solar concentrator in the US is estimated to kill by frying alive one bird every 90 seconds. Similar horrible results can be expected here.

Yet more disgustingly evil technology so greenies can feel good about "renewability" - at the expense of other sentient beings.

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Re: Catalyst catastrophe

Being a science student, the catalyst means to me something which increases the speed of the chemical reaction.

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Re: Catalyst catastrophe

"Catalyst" is the name of the TV show that had the story.