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The Warmists Never Give Up

I was sent the latest missive from Australia's "GetUp" campaigning group today:

Welcome to our "new normal."

Our country is still in the middle of a record-smashing heatwave with temperatures soaring above 40 °C and hundreds of fires blazing out of control around the country. We're being told to "get used to it" but while the nation rallies to fight fires, repair damage and console loved ones we're struggling to have the conversation about our warming planet, let alone get used to it.

The growing mountain of evidence tells a sobering story - a story that needs frequent and urgent repeating if we're to have a chance of preventing the worst of predicted catastrophic climate change.

Do I need to say that I'm less than impressed? First there's the embarrassing fact that even the alarmists admit that Australia's carbon tax, even if it were so extreme as to shut down Australian industry completely, would save at most a few thousandths of a degree by 2050. So what the heck sort of action do they want us to urgently and repeatedly ask for if they have any hope of making a noticeable difference?

But to my main point: I walked home from my senior chemistry exam in the late 60s with the temperature at over 100F. That was when the world was at close to the bottom of the approx. 60-year climate cycle whose maximum has now shortly passed. GetUp themselves tell us:

The hottest average maximum temperature ever recorded across Australia – 40.33 degrees, was set on Monday surpassing the old record of 40.17 °C set in 1976.

What this fact and my (hot) experience tell us is that extreme weather events can happen at any time in the climate cycle - even close to the bottom, in 1976. Weather is not climate! Climate is the average of weather over periods of 30 years or more. This 30 years includes the relatively cool, tragically wet, Jan 2011, as well as the very dry, hot Jan 2013. Weather is extreme; climate averages out and greatly lessens the extremes. Only fools and liars wait for a weather event that fits their climate story and then start screaming "The sky is falling!"

But seeing that GetUp is serving us up a lots-of-bold-text alarm about the world burning up and Australia's current heat snap, let's see what else happened (on the same planet!) in this same period of just over a week:

Heavy snow batters parts of Greece 

Record snow in Lebanon The fiercest winter storm to hit the Mideast in years brought a rare foot of snow to Jordan...

China – Historic Cold Creates Massive Inflation In Vegetable Prices Average price of vegetables jumps 55 percent in ten weeks...

Pakistan – Skardu drops to a record low of -17C on Tuesday Astaur and Hunza are facing -15 and -12 respectively...

Bihar, India – Cold causes railway tracks to crack All schools closed as severe cold grips state – Temperatures 9-14°C below normal...

Sea ice early in Alaska This somehow didn’t make it into the mainstream media. Just an oversight?

Mongolia – Province governors voice concerns about harsh winter Request government funding to clear roads of massive amount of snow.

Greatest Snow on Record for December ...there was so much snow in the Northern Hemisphere that it broke a December record.

“Historic Snowfall” at Mission Ridge, WA

Unusual cold expected to stay until February in Japan – Record snowfall in 18 locations

1000 ships stuck in sea ice in China Temperatures in China plunge to their lowest in almost three decades...

Global warming strikes New Mexico You know that global warming is hitting hard, when New Mexico wakes up to -33C temperatures...

All these headlines and excerpts are from

I knew nothing about the global warming debate when I started investigating the issue in September 2008. I just wanted to know the truth and I had no inclination in either direction. But now I know that the whole thing is a fraud: it is politically motivated, financially rewarded by government largesse with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and the "science" behind it is bunkum. Every creditable person, even alarmists, knows full well that weather (hot or cold, wet or dry) is not an indicator of climate. The alarmists only seem to remember that when it is cold.


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