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The Warmist Cult

Piers Corbin is the UK weather man who correctly forecasted this year's horrendous winter in the UK, whilst the official MET office simply added one more 'warm' failed prediction to their long list of embarrassments. He has had some incisive thoughts on the phenomenon of climate change as a bad religion, while his success where others have failed gives him the credibility to say it. From the linked article:

The really disturbing thing is the Warmists (aka Climate Changers) are totally arrogant, deluded and self righteous; and have become a dangerous cult that propagates falsity and anti-science.

I think what we have is a kind of warmist religious cult which doesn't exactly have a cult leader (like various past cults in the 70s and 80s, or Stalin or Hitler or Mao) - although Monbiot would make quite a good 'little Stalin' and James Lovelock probably believes he is 'it' - but in the same way as a cult the followers turn reality on its head to justify their ends.

Their ends in this case being reducing CO2 and various often very seriously misguided somehow linked do-gooding projects taken from a sort of a la carte menu of whatever you like ranging from using old tin cans (no prob but I don't need a religion to do that), burning food (biofuels), Carbon trading and so on to paying Chinese ex peasants to build prayer wheel avenues (wind farms) on our lands and seas at our expense.

The modern climate change cult is no less of a cult because there is not a single leader but in fact it's nature enables many self-appointed 'community' leaders to emerge ranging from little dictators of the Maldives to well-heeled worthless articulate trash who scale the walls of Power stations and Parliament at the bec and call of the BBC but can't back up their eloquence with a jot of science. Note that Islam - which has no single leader but loads of sect leaders - is no less effective at motivating fanatics than the Catholic Church with its ONE leader.

If you have ever followed what happens in cults - good one day becomes bad the next and vice versa AND THE FOLLOWERS BLINDLY FOLLOW - recall Mao's cultural revolution or Stalin's pact with Hitler or the splits and expulsions in various weird cults and Revolutionary groups in the 70's and 80s.

In the Climate-Change/Green/Warmist cult we have seen astounding U-turns but still they continue (because it's political, a cult and money talks) but look:-

  • Nuclear Power changed from Bad to Good
  • Global Warming changed to Climate Change which now means cooling.
  • The application of scientific observations changed to data fraud on a world scale.
  • Feeding the world changed to burning food to save the planet.
  • "You will see no more snow in the UK by the end of this decade" changed to "Cooling is warming".
  • 'Tax The rich' changed to 'let the rich get richer through carbon trading' and TAX the poor through trebling of energy prices.
  • Proper experimental demonstration of scientific principles (involving CO2) changed into pseudo-scientific conjuring tricks to propagate falsity.
  • Let children learn 'all sides' in schools changed to brainwashing them to death with Al Gores lies and exhort them to make their parents 'go green' (horrifically like the role played by the Hitler Youth and the Young Pioneers in the USSR where children turned in 'evidence' against their parents).

And so it goes on and on and on (like this winter).

But what to do? We have to relentlessly expose the GWers lies at every level. However no cults end until: internal contradictions become explosive and taxes/costs become unacceptably high and people die unnecessarily as a direct consequence of cult ideology.

ALL these factors together were apparent in the ending of the cults listed above and all are now boiling up in the GWers-Climate-Change cult including people being killed as a consequence of cult ideology - eg food shortages from food burning - biofuels, and deaths on unsalted roads as a direct result of the religious adherence to warmist failed forecasts (which for back testing relied on University of East Anglia fraudulent data) in the UK and indeed the whole of Europe.

Will the Governments of Scotland and UK put the need to reduce misery and save lives before this cult ideology?
It could happen, but only if WE stand up to them.

Thanks, Piers

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