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Evil stalks the land

Around 1930, some prescient souls warned the Germans that Hitler wasn't just a hot-head. That is, the coming holocaust was foretold. But most good Germans said it was rubbish, things like that just don't happen in a cultured nation like Germany.

It did. And now we have to wonder about the future for Australia, even if Australia with its easy-going attitude seems like the very last place this sort of evil might take hold. A major national newspaper—not some peripheral extremist rag—published this cartoon:

Let's be very clear about what we see here. That isn't a depiction of any actual Jewish leader against whom some accusation is being levelled. It isn't the group of Jewish youth on a hill who, some say, were cheering the bombing of the Hamas rocket launchers that had been pounding the Jewish homes. I'll tell you exactly what that hook-nosed fellow in the armchair is.

It is the Archetypal Jew.

It is the boogie man, the spectre, the stereotype of evil, deliberately and icily committing murder. Does it remind you, maybe, of this cartoon:

This Nazi cartoon from depicts the "blood lie", the false accusation that Jews kill gentiles to make holy bread from their blood. This disgusting lie has been repeated recently by top Hamas official Osama Hamdan, the same Osama Hamdan that "Our ABC" interviews as a credible spokesman from Hamas.

Andrew Bolt give a big collection of other examples of recent Jew-hatred from around the world here.

I'm going to tell you what's going on here, feel free to dismiss it, just the way those 1930s Germans dismissed the threat from Hitler. Here it is: Hatred is an essential part of the false religion: whether it arrive under the guise of Communism ("There must be a group to hate" - Marx), or polite socialism, or political green pseudo-environmentalism worshiping the false "climate change" god, there must be some one or some group to hate. How else to explain this image:

That's Tony Abbott depicted as the lewdest and ugliest Jew you'd ever hope not to meet. How else to explain this image as anything other than the eruption of uncontrolled hatred?

The problem here is that the haters genuinely don't know that they hate. Their indoctrination into their ideology is so total, so intense, so all-consuming of rational thought, that they really believe that anyone who disagrees with them simply must be evil. And Abbott is a singular, successful opponent of their ideology, so he simply must be the very embodiment of evil itself. Thus runs their insane "thinking" process.

I am not writing this simply to criticise or disparage these people, or this ideology. I write it to warn. We are in danger. The Jewish community is in danger first, apparently, but the rest of us will follow, sooner or later.

And Abbott, nice bloke that he is, has made a huge mistake in allowing these haters to derail the promise to abolish the 18C provision of the racial discrimination act. This provision allows anyone who feels offended or insulted on the grounds of race, ethnicity or national origin to silence the one who offended them, no matter how reasonable or how sincere a contribution to serious debate the discussion may be.

At first blush, one might think "Hey! You're telling us there's too much hate speech, so surely we should ban it."

Not even remotely. I am telling you there is too much hatred. Whether it is put into words is secondary. I am saying we need to discuss all this much more openly; allow people to put their fears into words, so they can be discussed. 18C is the enemy of building peace. Lets open a real discussion and shine a light on hatred of people for things they can't affect (like their race), and flush this evil out of the system.

To finish, let me make a prognostication. I read today in The Australian that action is being taken against the Sydney Morning Herald for their publication of the horrible "armchair bombing" cartoon and the accompanying article. My guess: Nothing will come of it. For one reason or another, either the action will be dropped or the court will rule against it, or whatever, but no action will be taken in the end of all this.

Make no mistake: curbs on freedom of speech exist to prevent good people speaking against wrongs and evil. They do not exist to protect good people from bad ideologies.

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