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Darkness Closing In - Gillard Government Censors Its Critics

Anyone who is still in doubt that the era of freedom and tolerance is rapidly drawing to a close, please note this week's shocking news. From Menzies House, we hear of this behaviour completely unbecoming a government of any free people:

Four thousand, five hundred Australians have just been censored by the Gillard-Brown regime.

I thought I had seen everything. I thought after all the attacks on freedom of speech I have written to you about before, that nothing could surprise me.

I was wrong.

In a shocking and historically unprecedented suppression of political expression and abuse of democracy, 4,500 Aussies - all opposed to this unnecessary and destructive tax on carbon dioxide - have just been told that they don't count. That their opinions don't matter. That their thoughts are not allowed to be heard.

The background: As you will remember, last month, the Joint Select Committee on Australia's Clean Energy Future Legislation asked for submissions about the carbon dioxide tax legislation. They specifically stated that they "encourage submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations". There were no terms of reference.

Although they only gave us one week, four thousand five hundred of us took the time to write to the committee. Four thousand five hundred Australians took the time to read the over 1000 page legislation. Four thousand five hundred Australians wrote in depth submissions detailing the flaws in this proposed legislation.

Yesterday we discovered that their work will be suppressed. Will be silenced. Will be censored and stripped from the record without a trace.


An Australian Parliamentary Committee has NEVER BEFORE censored submissions to this extent. Nothing has come even close. Ever. There is NO historical precedent for such a mass rejection of submissions.

To rub salt into the wound, the Government was more than happy to accept earlier submissions in favour of the tax that were just two sentences saying, for example, " “I am writing to express my support for the government to legislate to put a price on carbon. I urge the government to move ahead with the Carbon Tax.”

Yet lengthy, in-depth submissions opposing the tax on carbon dioxide have been rejected and stripped from the record.

Julia Gillard and Bob Brown have just officially stuck up their middle finger at us and told us that we don't count. ...

There is only ONE reason why the Gillard-Brown Government is trying to silence us: they know that we are right and are scared to engage in debate.

Remember that this comes on top of two examples of mainstream press columnists calling for the deaths of global warming skeptics, on top of the British government financing a huge production showing school children being blown to pieces for disagreeing with "climate change", on top of ex PM Kevin Rudd mouthing off in the foulest manner about anyone who disagrees, on top of "Australia's ABC" (paid for with tax dollars) putting up a defamatory portrayal (Crownies episode 13) clearly identifiable as Anthony Watts of fame, reporting him as doing things the real Anthony would not and in fact, could not, ever do (stalking meetings, haranguing and poking people in the chest) and defending the punching of this fictional "James Watt".

(For those who aren't aware, the real Anthony Watts suffers near-total hearing loss, to the extent that he is unable to accept invitations as a featured guest speaker, unless he can bring visual aids into the meeting; the idea that he could ever prowl around striking up contentious arguments with climate researchers is both farcical and a contemptible act of ridicule against a severely disabled person. SHAME, ABC, SHAME!)

Censoring of, and violence towards, critics of the new green communists is steadily being made mainstream and brought into the realm of "acceptable opinions". Anyone who can't see the parallels between this and the way a dozen murderous regimes in the 20th century first started out while still developing their power base will have no one but themselves to blame when the wearers of the jack boots feel powerful enough to dispense with niceties.

Totalitarian conformity might be "peace", but it is the "peace" of the Daleks, when all other life forms have been exterminated. It isn't any kind of peace I am interested in.

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