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Australian Coal's Billion Dollar Boost to the Climate Scam

Australian Big Coal has had the chutzpah to put up a video boasting of their contribution to the climate scam. At the start of the video they tell us what thirty pieces of silver are worth these days:

Money from the coal industry finances plant starvation 

Here's how the scam (really) works:

  • the scam ringleaders have persuaded the world that the molecule that is the food of life, carbon dioxide, is a dangerous pollutant;
    (Yes, the food of life: 93% of every living being is CO2 and water - food and drink)
  • for reasons nothing to do with saving the planet, but solely to persuade you and me to accept a socialist world bureaucratic dictatorship, we are to be impoverished by fuel and power costs that go through the roof;
    (Twelve people an hour died in Britain last winter because they couldn't afford to heat their homes.)
  • Big Coal and other big business and wealthy market traders like the scam because it benefits them somehow or other;
    (Meaning money is transferred from our pockets into theirs.)
  • For Big Coal, the benefit is increased sales of coal!

 They capture the plant food as it is given off in energy production:

They don't even know that invisible CO2 isn't a white cloud 

Note that they don't even know that CO2 is an invisible gas, not a smoky cloud - either that or they are slipping a little lie upon you en passant.

Then they put it on trucks - yes! Trucks! I wonder how much the fuel bill is to power those trucks?

CO2 loaded onto trucks 

Or they pipe it through a network which, they indicate, covers the U.S. (Don't know how Australian Coal comes into that, but hey, this is a fantasy, right?)

Funny US pipe network 

And finally they pump it deep into the Earth where plants can't get at it, where it can never be used to grow more food. (The added CO2 over just a few recent decades has fed an extra 300,000,000 people - can't have that going on - you lot are supposed to be living in poverty - or preferably just dying off and ceasing to bother your masters!)

Pipes going deep into the earth 

I have been watching this coal scam for quite a while, and I have been watching how "Big Coal" treats the little people whom they squash ruthlessly on the way to making their next billion or two. Nearby here, they are trying to wreck a beautiful and productive food producing region, the Felton Valley. No billion dollars available to protect Australia's food producing capacity here! Go to the Felton link just above if you want to get more background and learn the true mendacity and greed of Big Coal.

And they want us to believe they are spending a billion dollars to be nice? Gimme a break! See those trucks, that pipeline, that burial process? That takes an extra 40% coal if it can be done at all. 40% more coal. 40% more coal sales. 40% more beautiful communities like Felton wiped from the map.

The global warming scam is so easily seen as fraudulent that all participants (such as Big Coal, dishonest academics, stupid or dishonest politicians, banks financing propaganda campaigns, etc.) should, once the scam is finally exposed and demolished, have their entire wealth confiscated to pay for the damages.

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